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TRREDPC3Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning is a family-owned business that grew up locally in Santa Rosa. We’re very much interested in offering the members of our community both quality services and quality products. To that end, Atlas has chosen to offer Trane heating and air conditioning products.

Trane is a global company that is recognized for its products’ reliability and performance. The company is also known for its ability to innovate, offering new technologies to help keep the world comfortable. Trane got its start over 100 years ago now, way back in 1913. Father and son duo James and Reuben Trane founded the company and started innovating the field soon after.

Reuben invented the convector radiator in 1923, paving the way for Trane’s history of innovation. Trane started its air conditioning services in 1931 when A/C was still a hugely unproven and unknown field. In 1938, Trane launched Turbovac, which revolutionized how large buildings were air conditioned.

Turbovac was a technology that led to a number of innovations for Trane, eventually culminating in CenTraVac, the current industry standard for large-scale A/C systems. CenTraVac won Trane the “Best of the Best” award from the EPA.

Over the years, Trane has grown from a small family operation to a huge corporation. However, unlike many corporations, Trane has kept their commitment to quality products that are innovative, dependable, powerful, and affordable.

Trane has over 29,000 employees and operated in over 100 countries worldwide. Apparently, one of their A/C units is installed every minute of every day. Their systems have been installed in some of the most famous buildings around the world, including the Australian Stock Exchange, La Scala Theatre, the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, the Washington Monument, and the Statue of Liberty.

They’ve won countless awards for their high-performance, energy-efficient, and innovative systems and continue to innovate in the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Atlas very much respects a company that offers such great products and services to people, without nickeling and diming. If you’re interested in a Trane system, contact Atlas today! We can help you choose the best unit for your home, install it, and keep it maintained for years to come.

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