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Daikin 19 Series Ductless HVAC SystemAtlas Heating and Air Conditioning has been working with heating and A/C systems for a long time.

When we find a quality product that performs well, we want our customers to know about it. Offering great products to our customers is something we pride ourselves on.

Recently, Daikin HVAC systems have been impressing us with their affordability, versatility, performance, and quality.

Here’s a rundown of the Daikin systems that we carry—give us a call if you’d like one for your home or business!

Daikin 19 Series

The 19 Series offer great features—comfort control and energy efficiency is the name of the game for the 19.

These systems come in both heat pump and cooling-only applications, perfect for whatever you need. 19 Series systems are cost-saving solutions to A/C, offering considerable power with great affordability.

The 19 Series HVAC systems consist of wall-mounted indoor units with quiet and compact outdoor counterparts. The indoor unit is streamlined with a flexible design that blends with most any home décor.

These systems are ideal for a variety of situations, including single-room enhancements, spaces that require additional cooling, or even additions up to 1,460 square feet.

  • R-410A Refrigerant Compatible
  • Inverter Technology
  • Remote Control
  • SEER rating from 19 to 30 depending on application
  • HSPF rating of 9.0

LV Series Slim-Duct and Wall-Mount

Atlas also carries the Daikin LV Series slim-duct and wall-mount. The LV Series offers excellent energy saving features and performance.

The LV Series offers aesthetically sophisticated wall-mounted indoor units as well as compact and concealed duct built-in units. This system’s versatility allows you to go ductless or use existing ducts in your home.

Compared to the 15 and 19 Series, LV is quite a bit more energy efficient. Its SEER rating is up to 24.5 and its HSPF rating is up to 12.5, passing the savings of energy efficiency on to you. Further, Econo Mode functionality saves power on startup, reducing the energy consumption required to turn your system on by ~30%.

The LV Series is also very powerful, with rapid cooling or heating that can quickly get your space to the desired temperature.

  • SEER rating up to 24.5
  • HSPF rating up to 12.5

Multi-Zone 2, 3, 4, or 8-Zone Systems

This multi-split system is ideal for multi-room applications that require individual room comfort. With the Daikin Multi-Zone, you’re able to connect two, three, four, or eight indoor units to a central outdoor unit.

Between this functionality and the choice between wall-mount units, slim duct units, and ceiling cassette units, there are over 1,000 possible combinations. The Multi-Zone system is the perfect choice for versatility.

The Multi-Zone is a great choice for either new builds or renovation projects.

  • World-renowned Daikin Inverter “Variable Speed” compressor technology
  • Precision temp control for individual rooms
  • 12-Year Limited Warranty
  • SEER rating up to 18.9
  • HSPF rating up to 12.5
  • R-410A Refrigerant Compatible
  • Inverter Technology
  • Remote Control

SkyAir Cooling & SkyAir Cooling w/ Heat-Pump

The SkyAir Cooling system was designed by Daikin for business owners and makes the perfect comfort solution for shops, restaurants, and small offices. The SkyAir is also great for large residential projects.

SkyAir provides both a comfortable environment for employees and customers while at the same time providing to business owners significant energy savings over conventional air conditioning systems. SkyAir can be used in ducted or ductless projects and combines a quiet outdoor AC unit with a number of sleek indoor units.

This system is extremely versatile, utilizing easily-installed wall-mounted units, concealed build-in duct units, comfort-customizing roundflow ceiling-mounted cassette units, or slim, quiet-operating ceiling-suspended units.

Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning installs and maintains all of these Daikin systems!

If you’re interested in a new HVAC system, Atlas in Santa Rosa can help you choose the best system for every application. Performance, versatility, power, and energy efficiency are all important factors. As HVAC experts, we have years of experience installing and maintaining systems in all kinds of configurations for all kinds of applications.

Give us a call at (707) 571-7522 or fill out the form below to learn more today!

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