Heating Tips for Fall and Winter

It’s important to know you can count on your heating system to work properly and keep you warm through the fall and winter seasons! Use these tips from the experts at Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning to get your heater ready to use during colder months!

1. Turning Your Heater on For the First Time

Before you turn on your heater for the first time, make sure you have changed your house filter first.  It is not uncommon to have a burning smell when your unit is first turned on.  During nonuse months dust will settle on the heating unit therefore when it heats up you will get a smell of dust burning off. 

2. Change the Air Filter

We recommend changing your air filter every other month if you have a Furnace and Air Conditioner.  If you only have a furnace we recommend every three months.  Changing your air filter helps support your HVAC System.   

3. Check Your Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries and set for your winter needs. To save energy, setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature at night and during the day if you are away will help.  If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, consider upgrading, this will help keep your thermostat set for the most efficient settings in all seasons.

4. Covering the Outdoor AC Unit

Consider covering your outdoor AC unit once you are certain you are done using it for the season.  There are affordable universal covers you can purchase.  Covering your unit will help protect the AC from debris buildup during the months it is not being used.  MAKE SURE if you use your AC unit that you Remove the cover prior to turning your AC unit on!

5. Consider Replacing your Current HVAC System

If your HVAC System is older than 15 years, you may want to consider replacing the system.  Older units tend to be less efficient and more costly in the long run.  Also with older units, you might notice higher energy bills. 

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