Testimonial by Bob Tancreto

Hi Ryan, hope all is well with you.

Well, I have been monitoring the system and I think that the data is pretty well established and remains excellent. I have attached a spreadsheet which is a bit easier to read and understand than the first one I sent you. This time I only include the power use data which is really the most important.

The data in the grey area is from the first weeks of June before you installed the units and very representative of our basic power use, pre A/C. Because of the Covid 19, we have been home every day and in a routine.

The data in the orange portion, parts of June and July, only include those days after you installed the Daikin mini splits. The system was used every one of those days between 4 and 18 hours depending on the weather.

The bottom line is that the Daikin mini splits have added only 1.7 kilowatt hours on the average per day to our electrical power usage. That looks like about forty to fifty cents a day cost. That is simply amazing!

Also, the system works like a dream. Cindy has never liked air conditioning until now. These mini splits only cool the areas that need it and are easy to control so that cold air is not blowing directly on you. We both wonder how did we ever get along without it.

Anyway, thank you so much for your careful attention to setting up the perfect system for us.